“A cousin is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost”

COVID has made us re-think how we do many things in our lives. Right? One thing for sure, it’s made most of us appreciate and cherish our families even more!!

With that said, we wanted to capture the only thing that matters most these days…LOVE AND FAMILY. When this mom reached out to me to book their family portraits, she asked if it would be okay to have her sons cousins be part of the session? I said of course, and asked their ages. The four kids were 10,8, 8, and 2.  She also mentioned they had a family pup! I’m a huge animal lover and am especially a fan of family portraits with ALL family members!! I said “bring them ALL”

This was truly a magical session. There was so much joy, love, laughter, teasing, playing, the entire time.

I hope when my clients look at their images, on their walls and in their albums, they are filled with love for the captured connection and emotion that is tangibly evident in these photos.


Thank goodness we don’t grow and change as quickly as our children do! Capturing their wonder years is priceless because you can never turn the clock back if you miss the opportunity. These cousins will look back at these photos when they grow up and I know they will cherish these memories of growing up together.

I really loved this setting for their portrait session. They wanted some place rustic in nature. Arlington Gardens in Pasadena gave us everything we needed, including FALL leaves to play in. The kids had a chance to run around and explore between set ups, which kept them engaged and having fun.

family and pup


cousin love

There were diffidently a few months that were emotionally challenging for me this year. But let me tell you, covid has really brought a passion for what I do. These times are hard, heartbreaking really. You hear and see heartbreak and disappointment all around us. But, photographing families and LOVE, truly fills my heart with joy and faith. These hard times WILL pass. Making the time and the investment to capture your family memories is priceless. It’s such a beautiful gift to create images that pull people out of the reality we are in.

I am grateful to all the people who trust me and trust in the beauty of creation. In a time of uncertainty, family photos are the perfect narrative for the world we live in. When you break down everything that’s happening, the most important thing at the end of the day is the people we love and those we share our life with…

young girl

girl with flowers

young girl tween

father and son

family portrait

father and son

family portrait

young boy

mother and son


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