“The memories we make with our family is everything.”

So much love in this tribe of five!!!! Mom and dad are just adorable, like newlyweds, not to mention gorgeous too! I could feel the brotherly-love and sense a little completion between the ranks, haha!

This beautiful momma has a lot of testosterone to manage! But I get the feeling she does a great job. Such a sweet, beautiful love and bond between them all!

I try to always capture personal relationships between moms and dads, parents and their kids, as well as siblings. The OUTDOORS is my PLAYGROUND, and the LIGHT is my MAGIC!

I will always capture the traditional pose of everyone smiling and looking into the camera. But after that, I encourage playfulness and fun!!!

I want your images to tell your story. I want them to be REAL, CANDID, AUTHENTIC, ORGANIC. I want people to not only SEE your images, but to FEEL them too!!!!

This is one of my favorite locations, outside of Pasadena in the San Gabriel Mountains. The mountains, meadows, and trees here always give us magic!

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