This was a family portrait session that turned into an ongoing friendship!

Little did I know when I first met this beautiful, unique, family what all the buzz was going to be around them in a year.

My client was the Mom who “invented” gender reveal parties. Her blog went viral, and one morning I was getting messages from USATODAY, NBC, ABC,CBS, BBS, and more, for rights to use one of our images from their family portrait session.

Cosmo calls her an icon!

I had no idea I’d be photographing a legend!

When I met this family, there was no question how different all three of her girls were. I loved their individuality and was excited to capture each their personalities.

This is one of my favorite locations close to Pasadena. I love the trees, open meadows, and the gorgeous light we get at golden hour.

I look forward to photo documenting these little girls, and beautiful family, over the years!!!!

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