Family sessions should be FUN! That’s why I LOVE that first image. As a family photographer it is my job to select a location and bring out the connections to capture ORGANIC, AUTHENTIC, NATURAL, CANDID, REAL, PLAYFUL, CONNECTED moments, especially with the kiddos!

Mom told me her boys were pretty shy, especially their younger one and not comfortable in front of a camera.

I asked if they had any pets and she said “yes, a dog”… AND that the boys loved their dog! I knew my new best friend was going to be that pup! He was going to be a great help at the shoot!

The boys were a little shy when we first met. Having their pup with them definitely took the focus off the camera and on their puppy. This broke the ice and soon the brothers were playing, teasing, and loving on each.

My goal is to capture the art of the everyday.

To tell stories about people’s lives.

Document the most beautiful love, joy, adoration, connection, playfulness and depth that I possibly can.

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