Raina and her horse Legacy

Raina is a Senior at Oak Park High School in Calabasas. A little back story. There are three sisters in this family ALL Seniors Class of 2020! I was thrilled to get to shoot with all of them. What was so special about their sessions is how unique and different all three girls are even though two are twins (you’ll see their pictures at the end of my post)!

Raina and Legacy are Champions in the horse world. They have won numerous medals and awards. Raina’s senior dream session naturally included Legacy. I absolutely loved the opportunity to capture their relationship and this very special time in Raina’s life. Shooting horses has its challenges, haha, but with patience and a love for animals the extra effort is worth the prize!!!!!

Raina is an All American Girl!!!! I loved her ideas of shooting with the American Flag! It was fun incorporating her truck, trophy’s and medals, her western gear, and then adding a feminine touch with the beautiful blue dress and flowers for both her and Legacy. Some of her images were entered into photography competitions, we’ve been featured Nationally and have had a couple of her images go to print. Thank you for this honor and opportunity. Check out Raven and Nikki’s Senior Sessions too. 

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