Family is where life begins and love never ends…

Are they not the cutest??? I absolutely loved this family session. Our shoot started off with just mom and kids. Dad was racing to finish up his work day and meet us on location in Altadena. This is one of my favorite locations to shoot, it’s called Echo Mountain. Also a great hiking trail for those of you local to the area. It was so easy to capture the love and relationship between mom and kids. And equally fun to see the different and unique personalities of each one of the kids.

Half way into our session dad arrived and the energy level totally shifted!

Dad was great with playing and rough housing with the boys. They loved it, and it made for great lifestyle, candid shots! The energy and vibe shifted with father and daughter, it was so sweet. But I think some of my favorite moments were the playfulness between mom and dad! 

I always encourage my clients to HAVE FUN with each other during our shoots. If you are PLAYING OR HUGGING FOR REAL, that’s the way your pictures will tell your story! I think this is what I loved the most with this family session. We chose to shoot towards the end of the day, during golden hour, which gave us the beautiful warm tones and the kiss of sunset!

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