Enjoying the simple things in life!

What makes a family photography session a success? Your clients getting a chance to exhale, taking a break from wrangling the kids, trying to get them to sit still and smile, and just truly being able to play and have some fun. Every session has it’s moments and… it’s brides, of course! Be it candy or some extra video game time, we say and do what we have to get them to cooperate, haha (my son was little once too).

My philosophy and approach is to get the traditional shots, everyone smiling into the camera, out of the way. Once I know we have those pics then it’s time for all of us to have some fun. When the kids, and parents, are playing and laughing with each other, it’s impossible to not get great pictures. I especially love those candid real moments!

We shot this family session at Will Rogers Memorial Park in Beverly Hills. This was close to home for them, and a place the kids liked to visit. We had fun running up and down the walkway, spotting koy, ducks, and turtles in the pond, and then just rolling around and playing on a blanket!! Memories to last a lifetime…

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