Always better together.

What is it like to have three little cherubs for kids…joy, laughter, shenanigans, patience, organization, patience, love, patience, haha! You guys were such a joy to photograph, and the girls definitely kept me on my toes and brought back memories of what it was like to have 3.5 year olds!!!! God gave me a son so I didn’t get to play dress up nearly as much as I would have loved. So I get to live out that fun through my clients children!!! It was so fun picking out their flower crowns and fairy wings and then watching their happy little faces dressing up. The pictures say the rest…

The only way to capture joy, is to create joy! I had fun pretending to be Peter Pan with three Tinkerbel’s! I wanted a location that would look like a fairy forest for the girls. This is one of my favorite spots in Pasadena, not too far from Descanso Gardens. Shooting at golden hour added to the magical feeling. From fairy wings to cowboy boots, I hope these photos bring you all the biggest smiles as your little cherubs grow.

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