K+K | Drifting away on a summer afternoon

Such a cool sweet couple! Just felt a great vibe from these two from the first time we met. Kathy is a singer/song writer and ukulele player. We highlighted their love story with her ukulele and their wedding blanket.

It was fun focusing on just the two of them and the special love they share. I am looking forward to a shoot with their family, kids and grandkids, in the near future! Be sure to look for Kathy’s “Songs from the Heart” coming soon….

Kathy Wilson comes from the genre of female folk giants like Joni Mitchell. She started her career with the guitar and inspiring spiritually minded people with her soulful singing. In recent years she has fallen in love with the ukulele, and uses it to evoke laughter, smiles, and sing alongs to old fashioned crowd favorites. Every day a dedicated group of 27 2nd graders are blessed with her ballads. Her album photo below gifted by her husband inspires her to record her music for the disc inside the jacket.

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