Glendale | Family Photographer | Beautiful Twins

You may remember a cutie named Hayden and her little Tea Party! These are her two beautiful teen sisters.
The girls and I talked about what they liked and their style in their consultation session. They said they loved a “Free People – Boho” look! I wanted them both to have their own personal and individual style. They each brought an outfit to the shoot and picked an outfit from my wardrobe closet. Alexa went with a short dress and hat, while Ashlee went with a long backless dress and a flower headband. Being twins, it was great seeing their individuality shine through!
This was their first professional shoot. They were both a little shy when we first started. It was extra special seeing them come out of their shell and find their confidence. I had fun helping them with poses and watching them interact and help each other. I loved seeing the excitement on their faces during the shoot when they would see some of their poses and pictures. In no time, their apprehensions gave way to fun and their confidence shone through.
Watching my clients transformation through my lens is one of my favorite things. I truly believe being a “model for a day” is a great confidence and self-esteem booster for anyone! I loved shooting these girls and hope to see them again for their senior pictures!!!!!

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