Hayden’s Tea Party in the Park

As a Los Angeles photographer I feel blessed to have so many great locations to choose from and to be able to shoot year round. This session with little Hayden was magical. I picked a favorite park not far from Descanso Gardens in Glendale because of the beautiful afternoon light, the flora and fauna, and the white bridges.

Haydens’ tea party with her best friends, her puppy, bunny, and bear, was adorable. It’s such a treat to watch a childs imagination. I loved capturing Hayden’s fun sharing her imaginary tea and crumpets with her friends! Watching her took me right back to my own childhood tea parties. Having a son who is now nineteen, reminds me just how quickly time passes and how prescios it is to capture these moments. They’re only two for a short while!

Speaking of two year olds, Hayden’s interest in her tea party also passed, haha! So now on to plan B. Thank goodness for bubbles!!! We were back to story telling and imagination. I had Hayden’s mom sit her up on the tree stump with her bunny while I told her to watch really really closely because something magical was going to happen. With some help from Ashlee, her big sister, we got the bubbles going, and pretty soon our park became a bubble wonderland! It was so much fun shooting Hayden, and by the looks of the pictures, I think she had a pretty good time too!

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