I still think these sisters are real-life fairies hiding their ears…

From the moment we met, we all hit it off together! It was so much fun helping Bonnie and the girls stylize their shoot. I met with them at their home and we talked about the look and feel of the shoot. We went over wardrobe, picking out dresses, hats, shoes and accessories.  We giggled, layed out dresses, gave them thumbs up, thumbs down, until everyone was happy with the final choices. I offered to bring hats and flower head bands that the girls were all excited about. I also showed them pictures on my phone of the location. They loved the yellow wild flowers, the big tree, and field. It was great getting to know them, and getting them involved and excited about their shoot. Being a full service photography studio, one of the services I offer is a personalized pre-session consultation and design appointment. I feel that the time we spend together is a great ice breaker and puts everyone, including the kids, at ease and feeling so much more comfortable about our shoot.

One week later we met at Deukmajian Wilderness Park in Glendale. The girls were all excited and chatting away about their outfits and our shoot. They brought Rosie, their dog, and I brought “bubbles” the kind that you blow, haha! We had fun exploring the trails, running through the fields AND blowing bubbles. This family was really adorable! The girls reminded me of real-life fairies. I keep waiting to see little pointy ears in one of my pictures! The light and the colors of this beautiful spring day were perfect.

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