Meet my granddaughter London, she is four and absolutely adorable. Our daughter and her family moved to Texas recently and this was our first trip out to visit. To say we miss them is an understatement, but to see their little slice of paradise was wonderful. They bought a beautiful home on 3 acres of land where both our grandkids, London and Race, can run, play, and explore. This afternoon London and I , and their pup Oliver, went outside exploring. I had so much fun just following her around and observing, obviously through my lens, the wonderment of a child.

We spent a few days helping our kids clear out some of the overgrown trees and brush. My husband was busy cutting trees and the rest of us were dragging and burning them in a big bon fire. It was a family affair! Kris and Chris have an awesome barn on their property and pretty soon their little ranch is going to grow with some goats and chickens. That will be so much fun for the kids. Can’t wait till our next visit!

Living in Glendale, California, outside of a city like Los Angeles with the daily hustle and bustle, it really makes you appreciate the simple things in life. I feel fortunate living in the Verdugo Woodlands, an area of Glendale, we are close to the San Gabriel Mountains and Angeles Crest National Forest where we can enjoy the beautiful hiking trails and wilderness. You can find and enjoy the simple things in life even while living in the big city. As you look through this gallery you can see my style is casual, fun, and clean! I’ve chosen a few of my favorite images to show you what you can expect to see for your children…

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