Quinceanera… transition from childhood to young womanhood

A popular celebration of a girls fifteenth birthday in the Latin tradition. The grandest of parties are comparable to the debutante balls found in the United Kingdom and United States.

Amanda had just celebrated her quinceanera in grand style with her family. Her mom decided to capture this moment in her life in grand photo style too. Once I saw Amanda’s dress I knew exactly where we needed to shoot. I made the beautiful hemp swing, with my husbands help, and decorated it in roses and vines. Amanda, her mom, and sister arrived early in the morning, 6:00AM for hair and makeup. We shared coffee and giggles while Amanda got pampered! I wanted us to be on location as the sun was rising to catch the beautiful light from the right angles. My favorite times to shoot are early mornings and late afternoons, at golden hour, when the light is most magical! This high school student-athlete was transformed into a stunning beauty and handled herself with grace and poise. We had so much fun with music playing, her sister making her laugh, and creating beautiful memories together!


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