A Daughter is a just a little girl who grows up to be your best friend

Ann- Marie and I have been friends since our kids were in pre-school. Now her daughter is in college pursuing a medical career. We have shared so many special memories together of our kids growing up. To photojournal the love and friendship between these two beautiful women was an honor. When Juliana was a little girl we use to go camping and frog hunting together. At night while the kids were sleeping I would get up and set all the frogs free. In the morning I would hear all of them, especially Julinana running around looking for their frogs. They wanted to bring them home, but I knew the poor little frogs would all die, so I would release them in the middle of the night. After 10 years I finally confessed, and put an end to the mystery, and we all had a good laugh together.

I love the magical feel to the images of them with the leaves. We spent a fun afternoon at Verdugo Park and the Verdugo Mountains, reminiscing old times and capturing new treasured memories…

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