Inspired by the 1920’s Ford-

I was driving down a street in Burbank when I passed this vintage truck. I couldn’t stop looking at it through my rearview mirror. I put my car in reverse and went back to take a second look. It was gorgeous! I went up to the front door to ask the owners if I could take a few photos in front of the house with their truck.

I had the perfect couple in mind for the shoot! My friend Jenna and her son Cash. I told her about the truck and she came up with the great vintage wardrobe for the photos. Cash, at the age of 6, took on his role like a consummate professional. We had so much fun shooting this time piece. After the truck we drove up to the Verdugo Mountains and captured some fantastic images of mother and son and my favorite…little boy in the basket!

Love those feet!!!!!

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