One of the questions I commonly get asked is “what if my kids don’t cooperate”? Well…in this case you think ahead and bring bubbles, haha! When I’m shooting families it helps to think and remember what would make the session fun for a child? With some cool music blasting from my iPhone, bubbles, and the beautiful light we caught some amazing photos together!

And remember a great photo doesn’t always have to be the one where everyone is smiling and looking into the camera, the little quirky faces and pouts are also priceless!

These two little guys were funny! I thought I had the perfect location for a shoot with two little boys. But when we got there I found out that Griffin wasn’t into hiking, didn’t like bugs, and was afraid of lizards. Thank goodness I brought the bubbles and asked the question of the day…do you have a favorite super hero? A few pouts in the beginning turned into smiles and lots of animation while sharing super hero poses with us. This beautiful spot in the San Gabriel Mountains turned out to be perfect! We played, we danced, and we caught golden hour in all its glory! Thank you guys for a fun and memorable shoot!!!!

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