California locations are amazing, mountains or beaches! Once I met with this beautiful family I knew that we needed to shoot somewhere that Denise and her kids would actually go on a summer afternoon. A place with fields, trails, and flowers. I had the perfect spot! This nature park made it so easy to capture them hanging out on a hot summer day eating watermelon, drinking lemonade, and enjoying the outdoors.

I loved that all the flowers were in bloom. It made for a great shot of Page smelling the flowers and Parker giving one to his sister. Together we captured the love between Maddie and her little sister, as well as Page and Parkers unique personalities, and the special relationship they all share. We shot at my favorite time of the day, golden hour. This is when you get that beautiful back light that makes everything warm and magical. You can almost feel it in their images.

All shot with my Canon 5D Mark III and 24-70mm lens

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